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The Amador Valley Robotics Club is a team of high school students building an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle to compete at RoboSub, an international robotics competition.

We are AVBotz

AVBotz is a student-run robotics team of Amador Valley High School students in Pleasanton, California, a suburb on the East Bay of Silicon Valley. We compete with collegiate and high school teams in the RoboNation International RoboSub Competition in San Diego every August.

The Amador Valley HS Robotics Club (AVBotz) was founded in 1999 as a means for students at Amador Valley to explore and apply technologies related to the field of robotics. Since then, our members have perpetuated a legacy of problem solving and independent learning, designing our own AUVs from scratch. Along the way we've been recognized as one of the best performing high-school teams in the RoboSub competition. With Marlin V1 in RoboSub 2022, we placed 2nd, scoring above many respected engineering teams from around the world. In 2023, we placed 5th with our new and improved Marlin V2 AUV.

Every Saturday, we meet in our president's garage to meet in our subteams and work on improving our current sub's mechanical, electrical, and software systems and plan outreach and funding with our business team.

At AVBotz, we use the competitive environment of RoboSub to engage members in approaching engineering challenges & developing organizational skills. We stay in tune with our values of curiosity, ambition, improvement, and teamwork as we further underwater exploration technologies.

The mechanical subteam working on our AUV, Marlin

Mechanical Subteam

Mechanical team members are responsible for designing and manufacturing the physical structure of the submarine. This year, they will be improving the submarine, using 3D CAD, finite element analysis, CNC machining, 3D printing, and more. Mechanical recruits should be able to solve physical problems creatively and be willing to work with their hands as well as their computers.

3D CAD Modeling

Learn to use the Solidworks CAD Design software to design AUV parts and assemblies.

Hands-On Experience

Grow your planning, design decision making, fabrication, documentation, and technical thinking abilities.

Skills Development

Build key team building, time management, problem solving, and organizational skills.

A member of the electrical subteam working on the wiring for our AUV, Marlin

Electrical Subteam

Electrical team members are responsible for designing and maintaining the electrical infrastructure of the submarine. This year, electrical will be improving the current system, which includes incorporating new sensors and circuit boards. Electrical recruits should be interested in learning design principles of circuitry and capable of handling complex systems with many integrated components.

System Design

Learn the concepts of electric circuits, board design and planning, power & thermal management, and application of equipment.

Hands-On Experience

Learn about soldering, battery systems, component and computer maintenance, and more.

Skills Development

Build key team building, time management, problem solving, and organizational skills.

Our software subteam working hard at a pool test

Software Subteam

Software team members are responsible for writing all code for the submarine. Most of the code is algorithms for vision processing, digital signal processing, and mission control. This year, they will be writing code to integrate new hardware, accomplish the torpedoes task, modeling the competition course, and modularizing mission control architecture, as well as improving the efficacy of existing code. Software recruits should have prior programming experience.

Collaboration is Key

Work closely with electrical and mechanical to implement code to control all parts of the sub and mission code.

Software Systems

Learn and apply skills of mathematics, C, C++, and Python to power and guide the mechanical and electrical systems.

Skills Development

Build key team building, time management, problem solving, and organizational skills.

Our business subteam advertising our club

Business Subteam

Business team members are responsible for raising funds, creating a positive public image, and organizing outreach projects. This year, they will be presenting sponsorship pitches to companies around the Bay Area, writing emails and calling potential sponsors, and networking at outreach venues like fairs and meetups. Business recruits should feel comfortable meeting strangers and presenting during high-pressure situations, have good writing and graphic design/photography skills, and be eager to take initiative on their own projects.

Build Club Connections

Learn to build connections with companies and other teams by presenting sponsorship pitches and learning effective emailing/calling strategies.

Outreach Programs

Plan and carry out engaging learning activities for local robotics and STEM programs. Maintain online presence through website and social media updates.

Skills Development

Build key team building, time management, problem solving, and organizational skills.

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