Being the one of the few continuously competing high school teams is hard, especially when you’re on a shoestring budget. We depend on our sponsors because we receive all of our funding from them — none of our funds come from our school.

Platinum Sponsors

is the North American representative of DATRON AG, manufacturer of innovative, high-speed machining solutions.
exists to service the needs of customers who require engineering parts, assembly parts, module sets, automation including robotics from plastic or other materials.
is a supplier of programmable logic devices.
is the largest community foundation in the world, and helps build and strengthen the community by bringing together people and organizations who want to strengthen the common good.
RC Cars & Trucks, RC Airplanes & Jets, RC Quads & Helis, and RC Boats & Sailboats.
is a proprietary trading group based in Northern California.
leverages commercial technologies, such as industry-standard computers and the Internet, to deliver customer-defined automation, test and measurement hardware and software solutions for engineers and scientists.
is committed to making a positive change in the lives of future generations of engineers.
is a venture capital firm founded in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz.
is the universal wet mate connectivity solution for underwater technology applications
is an American multinational corporation and e-commerce company, providing consumer to consumer & business to consumer sales services via Internet.
defines innovation and excellence in signal processing. ADI's analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (IC) play a fundamental role in converting, conditioning, and processing real-world phenomena.

Gold Sponsors

is founded with the manufacturing knowledge and experience necessary to support our customer’s requirements for innovative manufacturing.
in Pleasanton, California, has been producing top-quality parts for the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Aerospace and Semiconductor industries for more than 35 years.
is a leading PCB Manufacturer of Quick Turn and High Technology PCBs.
supplied several printed circuits boards which have allowed the team to miniaturize the control and passive sonar system.

Silver Sponsors

is the foundation of our success. In an age of retail chains and big boxes, we understand that customers still value quality products, exceptional service and expert advice.
is a leader in the design and manufacture of underwater enclosures and technology solutions serving recreational and research communities as well as commercial and government entities.
is the largest producer of Underwater ROVs in the world. VideoRay has worked with technology and mission partners to develop the ROV as a versatile tool.
provides high quality megapixel rated lenses for video security and machine vision applications - specializing in ultra wide angle lenses with very minimal optical distortion.
is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance cameras for industrial, scientific, medical, traffic, and security applications.
specializes in signal processing technologies. Danville Signal has generously donated a DSP set-up for our use.
has a special interest in community youth and dedicates much of its energy to helping local young people develop into caring, responsible citizens.
a real estate service company that is deeply committed to responsible business practices, and donates time, talents, and resources to meaningful causes.
currently develops, manufactures, and markets one of the world’s highest-performing and lowest-power motion sensor fusion products.
is dedicated to advancing science and inventing new technologies to solve challenges in business and society.
offers integrated IT Service Management, Help Desk, IT Asset Management and CRM software for mid-market enterprises.

Bronze Sponsors

designs, manufactures, sells and supports a wide range of ultrasonic sensor products.
designs and manufactures electrical and optical systems for a range of harsh environment applications.
designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world's computing devices.
provides assemblies and components to the semiconductor and material handling industries.
provides excellent tutoring for standardized tests, AP classes, and competitive math.
Industrial Strength Ruggedized Microcontroller Boards, Accessories and Components.
is an educational services company dedicated to helping students pursue their dreams.
creates community-based knowledge-sharing tools.
web-based hosting service for software development projects.
is an electronics manufacturer and online retailer.
Hans Hansen
Hans graduated from Amador Valley High School in 1975.
brings together parents, students, and teachers to collaborate and advocate for all youth.
is a tool for rapid prototyping microcontrollers.
specializes in pressure and temperature instrumentation.
is a community-based local sponsorship organization that issues educational grants to students and teachers.