The Amador Valley High School Robotics Club has constructed an autonomous underwater vehicle named Barracuda Mark XIV for the 18th RoboSub Competition.

General Overview

Weight 20.1 kg
Hull 6 in (15 cm) diameter Acrylic Tube
Propulsion Seabotix BTD-150 Motors
Cameras Logitech c525 Webcams
Navigation Sensors Pressure Sensor (Ashcroft Model K1)
IMU (SparkFun 9DOF Razor)
Digital Signal Processor Module (DSPBlok 21469)
Mission Software EVA running on the ODROID-X2
Low-level Controller AVNavControl running on the MBED LPC1768

This section provides a brief overview of Barracuda’s mechanical, electrical, and software systems. For in-depth coverage, please see the journal paper.