The Amador Valley High School Robotics Club has constructed an autonomous underwater vehicle named Barracuda Mark XIII for the 17th RoboSub Competition.

The internal components of Barracuda are housed within a single 6-inch (15-cm) diameter acrylic tube. The vehicle is propelled by two laterally mounted SeaBotix thrusters controlling velocity and heading, and two vertically mounted SeaBotix thrusters controlling depth. A pressure sensor, inertial measurement unit (IMU), two cameras, and a hydrophone array provide navigation and orientation data to the main computer. The main computer is the ODROID-X, which autonomously controls the vehicle and the peripheral computers. The main computer focuses on high-level mission control and image-processing tasks, while an mbed, a flexible prototyping board for microcontrollers, provides low-level control over the thrusters and acts as a liaison with the various sensors.

This section provides a brief overview of Barracuda’s mechanical, electrical, and software systems. For in-depth coverage, please see the journal paper.