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2017 Introduction Meeting

The entrance assignments are due by September 17th, 2017 at 11:59 PM.
You may try out for as many subdivisions as you want. Good Luck!
9/18/17 – Applications are closed until Fall of 2018.

Team Subdivisions

AVBotz is split into four subdivisions: Mechanical, Electrical, Software, and Business. Each subdivision is described in detail below.


Mechanical team members are responsible for designing and manufacturing the physical structure of the submarine. This year, they will be improving the submarine, using 3D CAD, finite element analysis, CNC machining, 3D printing, and more. Mechanical recruits should be able to solve physical problems creatively and be willing to work with their hands as well as their computers.

Mechanical Overview


Electrical team members are responsible for designing and maintaining the electrical infrastructure of the submarine. This year, electrical will be improving the current system, which includes incorporating new sensors and boards. Electrical recruits should be interested in learning design principles of circuitry and capable of handling complex systems with many integrated components.

Electrical Overview


Software team members are responsible for writing all code for the submarine. Most of the code is algorithms for vision processing, digital signal processing, and mission control. This year, they will be writing code to integrate new hardware, accomplish the torpedoes task, modelling the competition course, and modularizing mission control architecture, as well as improving the efficacy of existing code. Software recruits should have prior programming experience.

Software Overview


Business team members are responsible for raising funds, creating a positive public image, and organizing outreach projects. This year, they will be presenting sponsorship pitches to companies around the Bay Area, writing emails and calling potential sponsors, and networking at outreach venues like fairs and meetups. Business recruits should feel comfortable meeting strangers and presenting during high-pressure situations, have good writing skills, and be eager to take initiative on their own projects.

Business Overview